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Graphic design


Andrea De La Iglesia Maroñas

Project year: 


Final Project of Studies 2019

The central formulation of the project is based on the need to cooperate of the creative members of the different associations that make up READ (Spanish Network of Design Associations). It is therefore considered that the most suitable product to meet this need would be a social network for the exclusive use of members which, for the end user, would be a way to meet and work with other members of associations and for the customer would be a very attractive service. innovative to add to the benefits of paying membership to the association.

The product presented is a prototype of the design and usability of the app designed to be delivered to a developer who programs it to be released. It sought to create a product with a functional design style and in line with customer values, spread the culture of design and encourage social gathering situations. A simple and minimalist environment has been created, which has the right features to create a satisfying user experience following an orderly and clean aesthetic, but at the same time attractive and with personality to be pleasant to use and thus, recommend it to your acquaintances and encourage teamwork.

The logo is based on the concept of flat design. It is a geometric figure formed by line segments that are joined by nodes. These points represent the users, the designers and the lines are their relationships, works and ideas that unite them, creating together a new form. This resulting form is inspired by the concept that gives name to this social network, Zome. A zoom in the original sense is a building that uses unusual geometries. It also refers to Zometool, a modern, simple and extremely versatile construction system. Children, teachers and even Nobel Prize winners, use this construction game as it links nature, science, math, art and architecture in a light and easy way. The key to the entire Zometool system are the extraordinary connection nodes, the same ones that inspire the design of this logo, ingenious pieces that are so easy to assemble that your game is designed for 5-year-olds to use.

Hours of quiet concentration alongside the positive experience (and joy) of discovery.

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