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Interior Design

And of Entrudio

A hard tackle from Alicia Blanco to Parada

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Final Project


Design a space in which to store all the informative elements of the Carnival of Viana do Bolo, a Galician municipality located in the east of the province of Ourense.

The Entrudio is part of a traditional culture, the transmission of rituals and knowledge has taken place from generation to generation through orality.

The main object is the learning of those who want to enjoy this great tradition, where the elders of the village and the surrounding area teach the youngest to make masks and costumes of Boteiro in a building that was the headquarters of the Town Hall until its transfer to the current headquarters, performed about 100 years ago. A building of a rectangular format, proportionally very after 3 floors, with several levels inside that is built in a square with a very steep slope


The ritual of the Entrudio, characters and elements are related directly to the building.

Focusing especially on creating workshops for making costumes and masks

It must be an open space, as the folio ritual is always performed in the open air and in public places, so a visual and sensational breadth is sought.

It plays with the heights on the different floors, creating a sense of dynamism and attraction of the spaces, providing a relationship between the depth of the building and the height, which will sow a concern in the visitor to go through and investigate all the openings in the building; doing so also, reference to the slenderness of the person dressed as Boteiro.

An interpretation of one of the key elements in the boatman's suit will be used, such as the Monca, a circular wooden instrument with a circular section that they use to jump, lean and make their way in front of people, creating a barrier, a limit.

This barrier will be taken to the space that will help to create space limitations, which mixed with other materials, allow light to pass from one space to another and the interaction between visitors / users through them on all floors of the building;

With these limitations we will get: 2 workshops, one for making masks and another for making costumes, in which the activity of the whole building will be focused; 1 showroom, reception and a café, as well as toilets, toilets, vertical communications (lift and stairs) and storage ...

The fulion and other parts of the Boteiro costume will be related to create furniture elements, achieving a direct identification or connection with the festival.

Special thanks to David Álvarez, Illustrator.

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