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Artistic carpentry

Skellington stool

Daniel Vázquez Félix

Project year: 


Final Project

Material: Beech.

It is a bar chair that depicts a chest supported by four legs as an easel. It was designed for the EASD cafeteria Antonio Faílde. Formally we can recognize the ribs, sternum and spine, which give rise to a very organic furniture. It is made of beech wood for its properties as a strong, flexible and durable material. Its tonal neutrality makes it suitable for all types of spaces, which makes it an aesthetically very versatile chair. At the top are its ribs, which are massive pieces that have been folded with water vapor. The backrest has a wide support of 9º and the whole seat is supported by two pairs of inverted V-legs, adjusting to a pair of pillows at different heights where the user can sit supporting his feet. The crossbeams are joined by a brace that reinforces the legs. Skelington is a dynamic chair as is the artistic environment of the art and design schools for which it was designed.

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