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Thunderstorm at sea

Isabel Santos Martinez

Project year: 


Integrated Project

Since I was born, the relationship I have with the sea is very close. I am from a fishing town, with a sailor father as well as my grandfather, uncles or neighbors. The tides, long months where the wait was always present.

The sea was our point of contact even if it was at the other end of the world. With the rising and falling of the waves it seems I could hear it, like when we bring a bug to the ear: you close your eyes and listen to the sea.

Living where there is no sea makes me vote it missing. Waking up, opening the window and not seeing him, his smell... It's as if I need him, without him I drown, I lack air, and I can't be long without seeing him, without smelling him, without feeling him, knowing that he's there.

Entering a state of anxiety that makes me see the sea anywhere when I photograph, in every tree, in the sky, in a bottle or in the lights of a lamppost.

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