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Artistic Joinery


Fernando Garcia Gonzalez

Project year: 


Integrated Project

Material: Walnut and ash

"Tutilimundi" was a traveling show in which small figures seemed to move thanks to an optical effect. Hence the name of this piece, which seeks to propose something similar, to create a space where a puppeteer can host "tutti li mondo", that is, any show that is in his repertoire. We are in front of a portable theater, which looks like a box when closed and which, thanks to a leather strap, can be moved around hanging from a shoulder. When we unfold the cover, it serves as a background, and a drawer appears, which not only serves as a stage, but also has a storage function for the puppeteers to keep their tools and sets. Walnut and ash are the protagonists in the design of Tutilimundi, their patterns and peculiarities create a contrast that is in harmony with the simple geometries and the artisanal aspect present in the furniture. With Tutilimundi we respond to the technical requirements of the puppet theater, and it is also configured as an artistic object. With tutilimundi we carry a theater on our backs.

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