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Nino Saturnnino. Adventure in Commodore

Luismi Ramos Silva

Project year: 


Integrated Project

Nino Saturnino, is a hybrid between novel and comic. This works with an accompanying reading of text and vignettes that accompany the story. Thus, you need to read both the text and the bullet points to understand 100% of the content, as they complement each other. It is aimed at an audience of 8 or 9 years and above, but it is enjoyable for all ages. It features action, intrigue, tragedy and above all comedy. On a technical level, it was a very complicated project to carry out, since I wrote the novel in just over two and a half weeks, rewrote everything and did the storyboard and sketches in one month and almost the entire comic part in another month. In total there were 136 pages, of which around 30 are comic books.


Nino, an interdimensional taxi driver, gets into an altercation with a mysterious evil alien. Because of this, the two fall on a planet, Commodore, which is inhabited by robots. Nino discovers that the antagonist has stolen the part of the taxi that allows him to travel between dimensions. Joining forces with 3 other citizens of Commodore, they will try to recover her and stop the mysterious and evil plans of the antagonist, but a series of problems and tragedies will make Nino's life a torture.

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