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Interior design

NETOS. Intergenerational Toy Library

Nuria Verde Martíns

Project year: 


In recent decades, our society has undergone changes that have mainly affected the social structure, which has led to an awakening in the study of intergenerational relationships, especially between the elderly and children.

The intervention is located in A Guarda, a small town south of the Rías Baixas, where a change of use is intended: from a single-family home to an intergenerational toy library.

Given that the word Ludoteca comes from the Latin "Ludus" meaning game and the Greek word "Théke" meaning box, it is proposed that the building be like a box where toys are kept and displayed inside.

A fun functional and versatile center completely dedicated to play and reading, where its members of different ages share and experience through physical and mental activities in a controlled way.

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