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Interior Design

Bookstore Corners-Café

Xiana Alvarez Riveiro

Project year: 


End of Studies Project

It is proposed to renovate this premises to adapt it to public use as a bookstore-cafeteria with the addition of a reading and rest area.

This space will be aimed at people who want to enjoy reading or work on their computer in a quiet and cozy environment, which serves as an escape from everyday life.

Functionally, an organizational chart formed by: a bookstore area with its customer service area, a reading/rest area, cafeteria and bar service for the public, an area for possible lectures, book clubs had to be solved in the chosen location. .., toilets accessible to users and private areas reserved for staff which will be toilets and warehouses (one for books and the other for food and cafeteria utensils).

The general design of the place focuses on finding a space that is easy to navigate, in which the furniture itself guides you. For this, we will play both with shapes and with heights and materials.

The whole place will maintain the same aesthetic, we want to show that, despite having areas marked by the different elements of furniture and decoration, they are all connected, so a continuous microcement floor is used that will accompany the user, if he wishes, from one entrance to another, guiding him through the entire space. The walls will be painted light beige, focusing attention on the colored elements such as the wooden furniture or the acoustic panel.

The name "Recunchos Librería-Café" is chosen for this place. This Galician word means: a small place, usually at an angle or in a slightly separated place within a room, room... which is exactly what we are looking for with all the design, to generate small corners within a large space.

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