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Chronicles of Magix - An unexpected event

Maiky Peixoto

Project year: 


Final Project

Winx Club was my animated series when I was little. he read all the recorded episodes, collected the dolls, and had a lot of magazines. After years of not interacting with the fandom, in 2019 season 8 of the series was announced with a radical change in drawing style and it was confirmed that they were doing a Life Action on Netflix of the series.

All this was very badly painted, and I was sure that if anyone was going to ruin my childhood, I would rather be me.

I’ve always liked drawing characters. It all started with redesigns of the main characters of the series that were gradually expanding. People started to get interested, and many started asking me the reasons for certain artistic decisions.

That's when I decided to work on what is known on the Internet as AU (Alternative Universe) and write a story based on the original Winx, with the same characters and scenarios, but expanding on history and worldbuilding. My intention was to make a comic, and having to do a final course work was what gave me the push I needed to get to work on the first chapter.

I worked on everything digitally, using the Clip Studio Paint program, which has a lot of tools for creating comics. As this comic would be published online on the page, it had to have an elongated vertical reading format. Adapting to this format was possibly one of the most difficult causes of the project. After that, the whole process was that of a conventional illustration, polishing the sketches, lines and color.

On May 28, I published the first chapter of the webcomic, and today it has almost 7.7 thousand visits and just over nine hundred subscribers.

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