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Artistic Joinery

OLEA table

Fernando Garcia Gonzalez

Project year: 


Integrated Project

Material: Ash and cherry

Olea is a coffee table conceived from the culture of design and built using artisanal techniques.

Influenced by the modern movement, it presents lightness in its structure, and simple geometries in its forms. These contrast perfectly with elements as traditional as their assemblies, which are made manually and the inlay, which extends throughout the board, also reaching its corners. The crossbar at the bottom of the table functions as a reflection of the line that crosses the board, with this detail a visual play is created that adds value to its design.

The symbiosis between design and craftsmanship is not the only one that exists in Olea. Its materials combine naturally, creating a soft and harmonious contrast. Its structure is built entirely with cherry, while for the board the selected wood was ash.

Olea is a piece that combines versatility and design, making it a table that would fit in any space.

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