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Toilet Stories

Moncho Bene

Project year: 


Final Project

"Toilet Stories: The biggest comic book shit you can find from A Guarda to Xinzo de Limia."

It is a compilation of short stories in which the misfortunes of the protagonist WC Johnson are found, which; in various uncontrollable testosterone frenzies he finds a way to sow chaos wherever he goes. On the other hand, we have the "Moncho · Bene": short stories of semi-biographical autofiction in which we dramatize our life in a student apartment in Ourense, with the presence of the incomparable Spider-banana.

Originally it was going to be a compilation of independent comics that we were going to submit to certain contests. But after a completely respectable Asian person decided to savor the delicious meat of an innocent chiropractor who was also completely respectable, a western, a mustache, and a carallada on Wednesday without leaving the house, we spawned the biggest fanciful papafilloas from Torroso to ancient Stalingrad.

(By the way, we know that COVID-19 did not start like this)

With that and a bunch of hours and those we have left to invest in this fast-paced roller coaster that is the profession of comic book artist, we present our first comic book album: Toilet Stories.

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