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Male catfish, agile seahorse

Esperanza Castro Ishdal

Project year: 


Pre-production to develop an animated short film. The script, storyboard, character and background design, animation and layout make up this phase. Prior to animation, it is considered the essential basis of the animated project, in addition to the most creative.

Riding between the use of traditional techniques such as watercolor, gouache and graphite and digital applications such as Photoshop and Autodesk. Using a different drawing aesthetic for the background and for the main character, an attempt was made to reinforce the difference between the use of manual and digital resources.

Generating a fantasy story that mixes the biological function of the main character, seahorse and hazelnut at the same time, captures personal interest in nature, animation and surrealism. The dance of these flowers was the stimulus to generate this work, which aims to enchant the eye of the beholder.

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