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Artistic Joinery

Mesa Footman Moth

Esther Pérez Hermo

Project year: 


Final Project

Materials: Beech, sapeli and walnut.

Insects are the most beautiful and unknown animals on earth. Moths have simple, symmetrical shapes that stand out for their wide range of colors in their intricate geometric designs. Footman moth is the name of one of those moths, which was borrowed from this little table that inspired it.

Footman means servant in Galician, which also refers to its use: service table.

Two circumferential arches that join at the ends form the countertop: a marquetry made up of almost three hundred pieces of beech, sapeli and walnut wood. The drawing they compose is contemporary and revitalizes the antiquity of the technique. The asymmetry of the individual pieces, handmade one by one, contrasts with the symmetrical result when combined by color. Its three legs consist of an extension to the ground of several of these pieces.

The simplicity of the appearance of the FOOTMAN MOTH SERVICE TABLE does not refer to its complicated manufacturing process, which makes it a unique, valuable and durable piece.

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