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Artistic Joinery

Auxiliary table IV

Tomás García García

Project year: 


Final Project

Material: Ash.

Inside the houses, the presence of new technological devices requires furniture that adapts to these needs. IV was born with this idea, a small side table, which satisfies the placement of one of these devices in the vicinity of a resting place: a sofa, an armchair, an armchair. Ash wood is the building base.

From its qualities we take advantage of the light color so that it does not turn it into a remarkable element within the stay, the veins indicate lines of movement that we use to mark the sense of the surfaces of legs and tables, and we make the meetings with assemblies to give unity to the set. In this piece we will use different constructive references, which we will integrate. The legs, very stylized, start from a concept in jest; in which we modify, in the previous pair, the orthogonality of the center and in the later ones, the inclination, thus we have more support of the flying table. The latter is the most remarkable, thick, resounding component. It ends at the back in a curved surface and at the front in a bispel that is continued in front of a drawer in which it takes a manual work of texture with gouge. The drawer, small in size and practically hidden under the counter, does not have a clear storage function, it is a place where you have the instrumental hand for technological devices.

IV is a name in which the profile form of the table in Roman representation and the continuous mathematical references to the number 4 in the dimensions of the table converge.

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