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Interior Design

The fishbowl

Stephanie López Anchisi

Project year: 


End of Studies Project

LA PECERA represents the coexistence of plastics and living beings that live in the oceans. Through its educational and leisure facilities, we immerse ourselves in the universe of plastic reuse.

In PECERA, a role-playing game is played in a team or teams, in which the players will have to solve, through ingenuity and logic, various puzzles that will allow them to escape from the enclosure. Its story takes place in scenarios inspired by the ocean and some Beatles songs like "Help" or "All you need is love"; with rooms that show the problems caused by plastic waste on the planet and small actions that can help to minimize it. Depending on the type of game proposed, the rooms allow independent use or changes in the circuit. In them, the atmosphere can be transformed thanks to the high ceilings and the lighting, creating different environments.

Communicating with the outside, a walkway allows access to the first level, where the main attraction is located, the escape room. The vertical communications allow access to the upper and lower levels, where the rest of the activities take place. Those for private use such as toilets, warehouses or work rooms are grouped in two blocks, while activities aimed at the public take place in free spaces that interact with the rest of the building in the same way as the escape room. Through double heights, viewpoints, translucent floors or glazing, players can interact with the outside and the rest of the spaces.

The cafeteria, the terrace and the exhibition hall are located on the lower floor. On this floor, alluding to the recycling of plastics and as part of the exhibition, a "sorting wall" has been designed, also available on the upper floor, which promotes the collection of plastic containers to give them a new use. For the more curious and eager to learn, there is a recycling workshop on the top floor with facilities that allow you to experiment with the waste that users bring and create new objects.

As it could not be otherwise, recycled plastic is part of the proposal, both in the use of finishes and in the furniture, showing the aesthetic and functional possibilities that this material can provide.

This project seeks to convey the importance of reducing single-use plastics and their correct recycling to give them a longer life in a fun and didactic way.

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