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Artistic Joinery


Jaime Vázquez Carnero

Project year: 


Integrated Project

Material: ash and cherry

The construction of the "Odessa" table starts from the premise of creating a large side table, in which the versatility of uses predominates.

Its name refers to the city of birth of Vasili Kandinsky, an abstract painter whose work inspired the figurative composition of the mesado. Basic geometric figures, anarchically disordered, bringing dynamism and simplicity to the design.

The stipple-angled legs, as well as the smooth beveling of the board, give the piece lightness despite its size.

Designed to be used actively, its simple shape allows it to be used as a writing table, or even for eating.

The combination of ash and cherry wood, with contrasting shades, adjusts to emphasize its modern and at the same time timeless style.

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