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The daughters of the night

Alba Carreira Gómez

Project year: 


Integrated Project

This project consists in the creation of an illustrated book that simulates an old field notebook, where the story of a Galician man, with an unknown name (John Doe), is told, who decides to go around Galicia in search of the famous witches, and thus collect, in in the form of notes and sketches, all the data you are collecting.

When I decided to create this project, I chose to show a part of Galicia that fascinated me from a young age and that has always been very present, either in stories that were told to us at school, in stories that my grandparents repeated when I was little or integrated into our day to day. day in a subtle way in the form of figurines, drinks and even chestnuts.

For that I decided to choose the being of our most emblematic folklore, the Galician witch, because everyone knows that Galicia was, is and will be, a magical land full of magic.

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