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Carla Dominguez Mendez

Project year: 


Integrated Project

Soños is born from my personal challenge to make an animation and at the same time the desire or need to abandon the conventional. This resulted in my final illustration project being an experimental animation.

To make it I mixed traditional and digital techniques, I used gouache, colored pencils and paper cutouts for the first sketches, storyboard and final illustrations and, on the other hand, the movement tests, editing and final animation were done using Photoshop and Openshot.

Being my first animation I had many moments of despair and, in the end, the work consisted of trying and failing until I achieved something satisfactory. This process in itself is quite experimental but I added some scenes that I made with the cut-out technique, a well-known method in the world of animation of this style.

The story, on the other hand, starts from a dream I had in which I have been pondering for more than a year and this project served to get me out of my head. Even so, I did not want to shape my story directly, I preferred to stay in the experimental line and make the ambiguity of the narrative give rise to varied and unique interpretations.

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