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Graphic Design

Soma, sauces free of cultural stereotypes

Antía Antepazo Janeiro

Project year: 


Final Project

Soma is born of the need for social improvement we live in, applied to the little everyday things.

Design can be a great tool for combating prejudice and generating new visual codes without falling into stereotypes. This is the raison d’être of soma, a brand of international sauces which seeks to escape cultural stereotypes by focusing on the product and culture of its country of origin.

The shelves are full of noise, filled with labels that represent cultural prejudices at the expense of indicating to the consumer the country of origin. An invisible problem that this project seeks to correct.

Soma seeks to focus on the representation of the product through its fragmentation, using typography to embody each ingredient and make it compose by imitating the natural form of its movement. This means that, playing with transparencies, the label and the sauce merge to show a quality product, with nothing to hide.

The graphic result gives this brand a contemporary, transparent, dynamic and differentiating style, showing in turn, after each jar, cultural flashes of how to prepare the sauces that each country or region has.

This is a small project focused on using graphic design as a communicative tool, beyond the aesthetic.

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