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Artistic Joinery

Mesa Aguda

Abel Fernández Domínguez

Project year: 


Final Project

Materials: Walnut, cherry, ash and oak veneer.

ACUDA arises from the composition with pure geometric figures in which different equilateral triangles made of wood with marked contrasts of color, vein and texture such as walnut, cherry, ash and oak are grouped together; inlaid with a handmade veneer on a wooden countertop and square-shaped beech veneer.

Continuing the table, triangular legs start, joining the vertices of the table and creating a structure that gives shape and character to this table; providing everything in itself balanced order and aesthetic lightness of the armed set that gains solidity and consistency in the artisan assembly of the same.

Straight lines, pure geometry with delicate shapes and complex carpentry work, make sharp a unique piece.

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