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Artistic Joinery


Antonio Lopez

Project year: 


Integrated Project

Material: Brazilian cedar, walnut, ash, sapelly, oak, chestnut and beech.

Sophie Taeuber was one of the most important figures in the avant-garde artistic movements of the first half of the 20th century. As a versatile designer, her work offers us a very strong visual language.

Taeuber is a side table composed of a Brazilian cedar structure. Chosen for its color and lightness, it accompanies the visual simplicity of its shape. The table or over, was made using a geometric combination based on 7 different types of wood, taking advantage of the chromatic range that it offers us.

The table was designed inspired by Sophie's geometric compositions which, together with her expressive use of color, allowed us to experiment with the tones of the wood, resulting in an interesting visual catalog.

On the other hand, combining the artisan work done in wood and our source of modern art, we provide a piece of aesthetic simplicity that does not hide the technical complexity of the whole.

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