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Artistic Joinery

Mirror Alinde

Esther Pérez Hermo

Project year: 


Final Project

Materials: Mirror and beech.

"The mirror of line to hurry the face, saliva fasts with the cloth to line" Archpriest of Talavera

The ALINDE vanity mirror represents, in beech wood, half a leaf. The slit that runs through its central nerve holds the mirror, so that in it the other half is reflected and completed. The other nerves that run through it are covered with pink gold bread that, with its brightness, highlights the reflected image. The piece seeks to update this type of mirror that involves both symbolism and legends. At the same time it revitalizes the most artisanal and ancient techniques of artistic carpentry. In addition, it recovers from the Spain of century XIV a meaning of “alinde”, when the mirrors of ALINDE were known like the MIRRORS OF TOILET that the ladies used to ALINDARSE, to put themselves beautiful.

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