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Interior Design


Alba Gulín Oliveira

Project year: 


End of Studies Project

ARS is a space to create, share and enjoy personalized jewelry.

It was created to become a place where the customer can see the process of creating jewelry and be a part of it if they so wish, a place to show the art of what has been learned through practice, as the origin of its name indicates.

Functionally, the place had to be resolved with an organizational chart formed by the different public areas: jewelry sales area, exhibition area of own creations and jewelry testing area; areas for private use such as coworking, workshop, changing room and toilet; There are also areas reserved for staff such as warehouses and reception.

A separation is formed by means of 3 columns that are responsible for dividing the shop and exhibition area from the work area where the coworking is located. It is decided to surround them with a golden "metallic thread". That brass wire with which a jewel is surrounded appears as a decorative and dividing element, giving character and personality to the space.

With this division we have achieved a space aimed solely at the public, this area is made up of several sections with their different functions: one is the jewelry exhibition that is permanently on sale in the store, which is located in the central area; Another section, linked to the previous one, is an area where people interested in an accessory have a place to sit and try it on, away from the circulation of the rest of the store.

Finally, in this part we will also find an exclusively exhibition section, where the creations of coworking users will be temporarily exhibited, to show their art to the public.

On the other side of the "golden thread" we find the work area, coworking and workshops, where in addition to designing and making their jewelry, users who wish to can adapt the space and, eventually, use it to give workshops to the public.

The private areas are a work area where the materials and tools that may be needed will be stored, a small rest area, changing room and toilet.

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