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Laura Pombo

Project year: 


Final Project

This is an indie RPG video game in its DEMO version, with the aim of promoting a definitive video game project.

The story of Sleepwalker begins in 2017 with the creation of its protagonist, Rai, a 15-year-old girl with problems adapting to social life. She is not well received at school or at home, which leads to isolation.

Among the few things that comfort her is a recurring dream that helps her escape from reality. When everything begins to reach a limit in real life, sleep takes on a new form, and a world of wonders and mysteries appears before his eyes, as if reborn.

Now Rai must investigate how real what she sees is, and decide if it is better for her to have a new chance to be happy in this strange and bright dimension, or to stay awake in the gray world she has always known.

The project covered two different parts: on the one hand there is the artistic, which includes writing the script of the demo, making the drawings and graphics of the characters in the dialogues or "faces" and animation when walking or running, among others, calls “Charas”, layered and animated mapping design and production, set design elements, map animations and logo design, cursor and title screen interface; on the other hand, programming: understanding the program, finding and installing extensions or plugins, creating events, compiling sounds and ambient music, and troubleshooting.

Its development required the RPG Maker MV video game development program, ClipStudio Pro for creating concept art, and most graphics, Photoshop 2020 for animations.

The result is an interactive fantasy and life story experience with its own dialogues, scenes, and puzzles in the form of an application available for Windows.

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