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A FRAGILE LOOK. Pinhole Photography

Various Authors

Project year: 


Integrated Project

We pierced aluminum foil with a pin and, looking through the hole, we found a world of dreams: the first project of the photography students immersed us in the dreamlike, and this is how we traveled through their fantasies, fears and memories.

We are approaching the beginnings of photography, the "dark camera", where the absence of a lens forces us to move in a world out of focus. We took a technical limitation and played to turn it into an aesthetic advantage. Now you can see a sample of what we found.

A work of:

Roi Cruz, Manuel Doval, Sofía Estévez, Uxía Fernández, Érika Gómez, Natalia Artunduaga, Miriam Matos, Alba Peña, Alba Chan, Lucía Sánchez and Paula Virulegio, coordinated by Miguel Álvarez Fernández.

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