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Graphic Design


Mariana Aravena

Project year: 


Final Project

1. f.Mus. Weak note or group of notes that precede the strong melody.

Anacrusa Jazz Club is an opportunity for the opening of the city of Vigo to the genre of jazz music, which was lost years ago in the city. With this project we aim to return public and accessible entertainment to the city of Vigo, without ever neglecting design. We propose an alternative to the most common nightlife venues.

One of the biggest innovations offered by the place will be its online menu, which will be available in application format by which customers can order drinks directly at the table, which does not preclude them from communicating their orders to staff.

In 2021 it is important that a brand has a certain online presence, that it manages to attract potential customers through networks and that it has a direct and clear communication. To do this, a series of posters and graphic pieces were made that would be used for the dissemination on social media of the place. Within these applications we also include advertising animation, in order to make viewing lighter and faster for potential customers.

Anacrusa aims to be a world-friendly leisure option, with public concerts, a full and easy-to-use menu, and a clear picture. Culture should be for everyone, including clearly, live music.

Anacrusa is more music, more rhythm, but above all, more jazz.

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