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Interior Design

Cultural Photographic Space

Jessica Nimo Ribao

Project year: 


End of Studies Project

THE PHOTOGRAPHIC CULTURAL SPACE is a center for taking photographs and exhibiting them, intended for the general public, Instagrammers, freelancers or professional photographers. A space where you will find different sets and settings where you can take promotional photos, sales photos or photos for your social networks or your personal books. In addition, the center includes exhibition spaces to give visibility to the work of local photographers or artists, and training spaces for various workshops.

The project is carried out in the desacralized chapel of the Franciscans, a chapel built in 1704 to house the Venerable Third Order of the Franciscans, purchased by the municipality of Ourense in 1999 and converted into a municipal hostel.

The intervention is carried out maintaining as a premise a constant respect for the building, allowing the entire project to be practically reversible in its entirety. A completely independent structure is created from the chapel, which makes it possible to preserve a global vision of the surrounding building.

The starting intentions focus on solving the needs of the activity with the functionality of the space. For this, the configuration of flexible, dynamic and adaptable spaces for photographic use is sought with the contrast of delimited or more rigid spaces for the rest of the activities.

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