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the village

Roi Cruz

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Work End of studies

For years now, my family no longer goes up to the village every weekend. He doesn't celebrate birthdays or parties. There is no life in it.

I spent part of my childhood in the village, running and playing. In my eyes as a child she was full of life, but the truth was that she was taking her last breaths. My village is not an isolated case; the Galician countryside has been systematically depopulated and abandoned for decades. Every day it is more difficult to live.

This work moves between the analog and the digital, between the past and the present, between the artistic and the documentary. A comparative family archive work that talks about the passage of time on the places we inhabit, now turned into memories.

Before the uprooting that happens, we need to reflect: we have to tell the stories of those we inhabit, so as not to disappear.

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