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Lublo and the jar of pickles

Pablo Lamothe Costas

Project year: 


Integrated Project

"Lublo y el bote de pepinillos" is a comic about Lublo, a character with a triangular anatomy, who tries to open a jar of pickles. In their attempt, the jar of pickles is revealed and a run begins. During this pursuit, Lublo will live a series of adventures trying to satisfy his stomach with delicious pickles.

Lublo was born from an illustrated album project based on absurd humor. The strength of the character makes him decide to recover it to carry out a new comic project that is both underground and juvenile, where absurd humor is used to give rise to a senseless adventure, thus making a funny critique of the exaggerated complication of the solutions of simple situations. The comic is divided into different problematic situations for the character, in the attempt to recover his aperitif of the day, which become comical due to the far-fetched resolutions that the character arrives at.

It is a fun adventure that we can enjoy without delving into the criticism of the stupidity that is proposed throughout the comic. Aesthetically, it also tries to be funny, using a simple but loaded drawing with different plots and textures that give life to the image. The main character, Lublo, tries to be a clumsy, creative and stupid character who comes up with the most extravagant ideas possible from simple problems. The plot of the comic itself is an excuse for the protagonist to have funny moments and the "sketches" we've already talked about. So, in terms of structure, we would talk about the fact that it is divided into scenes whose only relationship is the excuse of the search for pickles.

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