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Interior Design

Ojea Padel Club

Eloy Molanes Malvido

Project year: 


End of Studies Project

Renovation with memory, that is the reason for this project. Give a new life to a building that has lost its life a long time ago.

Reviving this building, an old canning factory, but taking advantage of its current state of ruin, that helps us remember the treatment that has been given to it until now.

With a different use and interpretation than it once had, but without forgetting the past through small nods.

Create a space that adapts and takes advantage of the geographical situation in which it is located.

At the same time, this project tries to introduce padel in Cangas, an elegant, simple and fun sport that nowadays does not have any space in which to enjoy it.

The execution of this idea will be carried out through a "glass box" that rises between the existing walls, creating a new building that emerges from inside the ruins.

The two roofs to the north (as well as the roof of the second floor) will be replaced, but will maintain the same typology. While the "south" decks, which are in very poor condition, will be completely removed. This is where we will create the "glass box". A tempered laminated glass cover will be placed to allow light to pass through, but in a controlled manner. A stained-glass window will be integrated into the south facade that will allow a view towards the Vigo estuary, as well as allowing the padel court to be seen from the outside.

The interior of the ship is arranged based on the padel court, which needs to be positioned perpendicular to the North/South axis, to avoid dazzling the players. The spaces will be organized in "cubes" with curved corners, emulating tin cans.

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