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Graphic Design


Victoria Feijoo Quintas

Project year: 


End of Studies Project

Neura is an experimental poetry book project that aims to be developed through a graphic language. Being built through experimental typography, photography and various graphic elements.

Literature can be part of the generating concept in the development of graphic design projects that transcend the publishing field.

And in the same way, for the design to serve the poetics and emphasize the meaning of the words.

Neura aspires to be a book of visual poetry in Galician that opens a new field in Galician poetics.

The main idea is to create an object book that engages your audience. A cocktail of visual stimuli that will activate your senses and thus emphasize the sensations produced by the poems.

Being an intermediate genre between the graphic arts and literature in addition to telling stories, it incorporates the imagination into the process of perception, inviting the public to travel a little beyond the "obvious", to look again. A key factor in interpreting a visual poem is the expressive and representative capacity of the image itself. It is not the eyes that see, but the brain that interprets.

Instagram: petite_toria

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