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Graphic Design

Doodling minds. Rubio design notebooks

Robin Hannon

Project year: 


End of Studies Project

This project was based on creating a set of Rubio notebooks on visual styles of graphic design, educating, through different activities, about design and all the areas it encompasses, such as typography, photography, illustrations...

Each notebook follows a visual style, which for this project they carried out two: one notebook that is based on the punk-style design and the other on the Bauhaus style (with the idea that a collection covering more styles would be developed later).

The activities that make up the notebooks focus on the main aesthetic, for example, activities on how to make a punk-style typography, or how to make a correct composition of elements on a Bauhaus poster have been included...

The concept revolves around Rubio's already existing products. With this project we seek to combine values and characteristics of the publisher's publications with graphic design, and to expand the introductory section to design (lettering, typography and illustration) that they have recently developed.

The set of notebooks that were made, which would make up the publishing house's new collection, is called "Notebooks for doodling minds".

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