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Tamar Fernandez Pereira

Project year: 


Integrated Project

ANNA arises from the commercial collaboration with the company Ana Mosquera SL, which has a store in the old part of the city of Ourense. They work with multi-brand fashion products, and also with their own brand: Anna Milittia. This project has to do with the party clothes campaign for Christmas.

The client showed great interest in boosting e-commerce sales. We therefore focused on profiling the image they projected on their website, since it did not adequately represent their brand values. For this, we would look for a set of photographs that were evocative, rather than merely descriptive, highlighting the product through contrast with the setting. Thus, we began to shape what would be a first step towards the renewal of its brand concept, focusing it on exclusivity and quality and distancing it from terms such as quantity and volatility.

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