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In search of mine

Elena Andres Rodriguez

Project year: 


Integrated Project

Mae wakes up in the robot city, but doesn't remember how she got there.

She is found by Aroth, an arrogant life seeker, who takes her along with his partner Vreti, a mistrustful robot who hates breaking out of the routine in her monotonous life. Mae must earn the trust of this peculiar pair if she wants them to help her. Together they will live numerous adventures where they will meet characters, each one more outlandish. Will they manage to get out of town and find Mae's mother without being discovered by the guards and Mama Roxanne? Wait a minute... weren't humans extinct?

This is what In Search of Meus is about, the first book of this eponymous comic book series.

For this project, the story of the first book and the first pages of it were created over the course of three months, combining the traditional Chinese ink technique for the line and the digital technique in Photoshop for the color.


Behance: elenaandrs


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