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Interior Design

Octopus Festival interpretation center

Teresa Rodríguez Veiga

Project year: 


End of Studies Project

The idea arises to give an obsolete, banal and cold industrial construction a priori a reason to continue to exist. How to combine its existence with a real use that brings it back to life and prevents its disappearance. With this premise, the idea arose to give it the use of the "Octopus Festival Interpretation Center", a festival of International Tourist Interest that is celebrated annually in the town of Carballiño. In this way, in addition to highlighting an intangible asset such as this event, the set of physical assets related to it (dispersed but homogenous) will be shown while having the function of preparing, from an organizational point of view, tourist visits.

The goal is to create a space where attendees can get in-depth information about the party; but not only that, the future "Octopus Party Interpretation Center" is conceived as something more dynamic, something that, like the party itself, includes that continuous movement of people and meeting house.

Thus, inside, thanks to a rational use of the available space and its furniture, a multipurpose area will be created in which the expository use becomes a meeting center for the association of pulpeiros, a room for talks, screenings or similar events .

The building is not understood as a closed and simply exhibition element, but rather, a space of relationship with its surroundings, participating in the small oak grove located on the plot while offering the cafeteria service. In any case, the proposed design allows the latter to be dissociated so that it can be used at different times to the exhibition area, which allows organizing other events such as night concerts.

It's about creating a complete experience, a small popular party without a fixed date, taking advantage of everything the plot has to offer, from the building to the trees, those quiet millennial natural elements that have accompanied it for so many years.

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