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Graphic design


Andrés Bonader

Project year: 


Final Project

This project is commissioned by the company Incendiaria S.L. for the creation of a new brand and product from scratch. The company has been founded in order to develop an alternative music news portal, with content open to all kinds of musical genres from the alternative scene such as indie, rock, urban or electronic music. This company aims to generate a product that works as a channel for cultural dissemination and as a quality mark. In this way, they seek to value the patrimonial interest of the alternative music scene, leaving the commercial revenue of the industry in the background, taking music as an art and not as a business. This project is planned according to the values and philosophy of the company. For this reason, the communication campaign must, as a social responsibility, position itself and bet on the alternative scenario in an honest and transparent way.

Following this aim, cultural dissemination and diversity are at the heart of this project. Another key point is the need to generate an optimal product easily accessible to the public, formulating an effective, dynamic, modern and attractive communication campaign.

Therefore different movements are taken as a reference according to our purpose, such as kineticism or surrealism, adding value to the project.

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