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Graphic Design


Ada Gonzalez

Project year: 


End of Studies Project

Keyframe is a Spanish film board game that seeks to value and make visible the place and importance of the audiovisual sector, and the protection and movement that it deserves and needs inside and outside the country.

Composed of five decks of fifty cards each, two boards, two dice, and different bonuses, it seeks to immerse the player in the seventh art, guided by a journey through the history of cinema, the most relevant productions, historical events, etc., of the same way to make known invisible trades and small producers within the sector, in a relaxed and playful way, in order to expand and strengthen the player's knowledge within the Spanish audiovisual sector, and to encourage its consumption.

The project also seeks to provide a certain aesthetic and differentiating value between the other games that can be found on the market, with a very different line and packaging to the conventional one, and keeping in mind the use of color and the constant references to cinema and its formats.

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