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Multidisciplinary and Creative Space in Ourense La Mercería Social Lab

Tomás Lillo Ortiz, Eloy Molanes, Xiana Álvarez, Rut Iglesias, Iria García and Marcos López

Project year: 


Final Project

The approach of the proposal is the creation of a versatile space, meeting and creation in which workshops, exhibitions, conferences, cycles and courses will be held and which will have a concept store. An adaptive space that responds to the cultural needs of the city.

The project wants to create this space for the youth, who like other initiatives give life to the neighborhood, to Ourense, by getting involved in cultural, social and artistic projects away from a snobbish spirit. We seek to create a social impact through design and art in a space open to innovative solutions and interaction as a solution to the "problem".

So it starts from an existing place in the area, an iconic type of business, a haberdashery, to integrate it into the life of the neighborhood and design and offer a creative and social space.

Along the lines of the work of the architect María Novas and also the architect Pablo Sendra, and within the framework of the proposals of the 10ENAD, it is clear that the starting point must be to read the city. Foster that neighborhood life, taking this iconic location and creating strategies that connect with the user and make them participate.

The following issues are raised: redesign the existing space in a modular and integral way, create a system that includes its own identity and transmits these concepts of diversity, community, connection and from there, implement and integrate with the community.

Project management, art direction, graphic design research | Tomás Lillo Ortiz

Interior design, furniture and renders | Eloy Molanes, Xiana Álvarez, Rut Iglesias, Iria García and Marcos López

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