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Graphic Design


Cristina Rei

Project year: 


Final Project

This project is a brand of skin care products that seeks to provide users with a simple daily routine with vegan formulas and free of animal cruelty suitable for all skin types.

Given the great competition that exists in the sector, dygn tries to differentiate itself through a brand image that is close and friendly to the consumer, creating a serene environment that moves away from the cold and laboratory aesthetics that other brands have. For this, dygn has the values of being simple, close, transparent, natural, inclusive and contemporary.

The brand's visual identity is characterized by the use of warm, slightly saturated neutral colors that, in addition to reflecting a sense of serenity and closeness, refer to both the natural and the shades of different skins. In addition, it has an identifier composed of soft and fluid shapes that helps keep the environment calm and friendly that pursues the brand in all its applications.

As for packaging, the aim was to minimize the use of plastic in packaging, as well as adhesives or products that could make it difficult to recycle them.

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