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Artistic Joinery

Cunco Malla

Esther Pérez Hermo

Project year: 


Final Thesis

Material: Chestnut.

MALLA is a snack tray made of chestnut wood. Its shape is square and consists of four compartments, also square, which function as containers for different snacks. The sides were beveled and their lower edges were later filed in a wavy shape, without reaching the vertices. In this way, it seems to stand on all fours and at the same time is light and ergonomic. The holes were grooved leaving the natural texture of the tool: an irregular surface that merges with the symmetry of the tray and its compartments. Like a meadow of grass seen through a wire mesh. MALLA is a fusion: from the words MAdeira and taLLA that make up its name, from craftsmanship and design, from ancestral and contemporary, from beauty and function ... Two worlds that go hand in hand, as on so many other occasions, the through the kitchen.

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