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Interior Design

Paddle Surf Center on Saint Island

Raquel Guerra Barreiro

Project year: 


Final Project

The present project aims to design a paddle surfing center on Isla Do Santo.

This involves a private islet in the Ría de Pontevedra and located in front of Do Santo beach belonging to the parish of Ardán in the municipality of Marín. With an area of approximately 3,800 m2, the island has the particularity of being able to access it on foot, through a tombola that is discovered at low tide.

Apart from this use, this intervention is exposed, with the intention of making it easier for the visitor to enjoy the exceptional place in which we find ourselves. Always from a respectful intervention, considering its natural, identity and landscape values. At the same time, the generation of human-scale scenarios is exposed, in which people feel welcomed and integrated into their own environment.

Different elements and areas will be designed, fulfilling the appropriate needs program for the activity.  

Due to the difference in elevation between the beach and the area to intervene, there is a first need to resolve access to it, so there is a wooden staircase that starts from the sea and enters the island among the native vegetation.

In the intervened surface we distinguish different areas with their respective uses:

The Chapel, starting from the pre-existing ruins of the chapel and prior consolidation of its walls, generates a new volume, entirely in wood, which emerges from the interior. This space performs the functions of user reception, merchandising store and warehouse, for which all relevant furniture is designed. In the conception of this construction questions like the illumination and the electrical autonomy by means of a photovoltaic skylight are considered. It is also designed under the premise of maintaining permanent ventilation throughout the year.

The Atrium is the immediate multipurpose space both to the access and to the entrance of the chapel. In it is placed a platform as a stage, and an alignment of benches-cash that help define the space.

Buguinas are elements inspired by the spiral of marine buguinas that, wrapped around the trees and protecting them, will fulfill the functions of changing rooms and toilets.

The Green Beach, to the south-west of the chapel is this space, where physical activities of instruction of the activity will be developed. This place is also presented as a versatile space, with an atmosphere different from the previous ones, more collected among vegetation and where you can play with the shade.

All the intervention proposed in this project is exposed as ephemeral architecture, as it can be dismantled in its entirety.

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