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Artistic Joinery


Marcos Pérez Saburido

Project year: 


The frame, an original element on which he had seen the whole idea of this piece of furniture, generates ridges and geometric waves giving rise to a surface that imitates a mountain range like those seen by pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago. Hence its name Ultreia (from the Latin ultra -beyond- and eia -interjection to move-) inspired by the history of this path. It is a greeting among pilgrims and comes to mean "let's go further."

The furniture consists of 4 pieces of board, two interior shelves, a base and four legs of koto wood. The collector made of DM board veneered in beech, to which we lean the double half-moon frame with the square ribbon forming the side and top panels. This frame is lacquered in gray to remove any distortion of the wood grain, thus providing a feeling of homogeneity throughout its shape.

The legs continue with the effect of the molding which suggests a certain inspiration in the classical Greek columns. They have a conical shape that has been turned and which is then made into grooves in which we embed the square strip to mimic the upper frame and finally lacquered in gray.

It was the molding element that built the collector, which due to its shape and construction conveys the feeling of lightness and functionality.

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