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Graphic design


Olalla Fernández Espiñeira

Project year: 


The aim of this project is to create a brand for a cultural and artistic creation space, where a series of services related to these fields will be offered. This space includes the creation of a collective of designers and artists.

Workshops, lectures and exhibitions will take place in this space, along with a shop and a book loan service.

Being this a space directly related to design, the brand is not only a necessity but a very important added value. Due to the intention to bring the space to a very diverse audience we need a powerful but simple brand image. It is therefore chosen for a dynamic brand, with a main identifier and other auxiliaries based on it.

The objectives of this project are to position itself as a center of design in Galicia as well as to become a tool for the creation and dissemination of the work of the collective and of culture, design and art in general.

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