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Artistic Joinery


Carmen Muñiz

Project year: 


Trun is a sturdy and delicate piece at the same time.

With this piece, a unique, practical and versatile design was sought, which could fit and enrich different environments. And intended for different uses, it can be a stool, a side table, or a support column.

The shape of the piece highlights the construction process, which is carried out by gluing pieces of different woods and subsequent turning. The use of different woods in its design is relevant due to the combination of colors it provides. The woods chosen because of their great contrast are sapelli and oak.

The arrangement and mixing of the different pieces translates into a linear drawing in both the seat and the profile, enhanced by the transformation that the lines undergo in some areas of the profile due to the turning process.

After turning, a chamfered or truncated cut is made that gives the piece its name and adds personality to the piece. In addition this operation allows us to align the piece to the wall at the top and free the baseboard at the bottom. The truncation that is made in the profile also contributes modifications in the drawings that make the different pieces.

The chamfer part could be the joining point of two or more twin pieces, allowing us different compositions.

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