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Artistic Joinery


Marcos Pérez Saburido

Project year: 


Material: Oak, chestnut, sapelly and walnut

The idea of creating this Tonbak arises from the author's passion for music, being himself a musician, more specifically percussion instruments. The meso (stool) responds by its form to a typology of percussion musical instruments that occur in a similar way in all cultures of the world and consists of a membranophone with a harness that can be called Darbouka, Doumbek, Tabal, Toumbek, etc. ⁇

The inspiration for Tombak's design then comes from the observation of the common shape of these instruments, a cup-shaped body, both ends of which are wider than their central part.

At the technical level it is a piece made on the throne. The block is created by joining different pieces of wood, walnut, oak, chestnut and sapelly. Among them they build a forehead drawing on the table (stool) that reminds us of a wheel of a Galician car, a unique element in popular culture due to the different designs that existed, and also to the specific and recognizable sound it produced, as it was heard at a distance.

In the case of the name we play with the sonority that the instrument receives in ancient Persia: Tonbak. The name is, in itself, an onomatopoeia of the two sounds it produces, Ton low and Bak sharp. Ton bak, ton bak, ton bak, ton bak…

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