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Graphic design

Gaspar typography

Carlos Alonso

Project year: 


Final Project of Career of the Higher Studies of Graphic Design. Course 2011-12

Gaspar aims to be an Egyptian Serif family designed for intensive editorial use. The main goal became to be an editing typography that would allow to reach the legibility and to avoid that the text became something dense. This type of Egyptian families build the character from the humanistic conception, hence the effect of modulation retains so much importance. It adapts perfectly to print jobs, such as magazines or newspapers, thanks to a very low contrast and an excellent texture in continuous text.

Its most characteristic features are the angles of its ends and the curve of it. This, increases visual interest, pulls rigidity and endows with a certain attitude to the character. In Bold fonts, the main goal was to balance the weight of contrast and denote its main virtue of typography for continuous text.

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