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Graphic design

The Rise Of

Andrés González Abril

Project year: 


TFE Higher Education in Graphic Design. Course 2014-15

The Rise Of represents a film trilogy. Develops a communicative solution to a plot concept that is defined in the form of film. Three films that contain the graphic material needed to promote them, a careful material around an idea from which a discussion in the form of a script and a definite style that shapes its language. This language is appropriate to the rules that give rigor and personality to the project.

The maxim on which the project is formed, both script and graphic product, is derived from a reflection and an idea that is permuted to define the concept from a different perspective: The hero.

Various definitions of the hero can be discerned throughout history in the overall calculation of the concept (encompassing the justice, the antihero, the protagonist, etc.). Different meanings broaden or close the spectrum of this concept. The argument that this project applies to this concept and perspective, the different points of view. They develop this idea in three phases and address the issue from realism, plausibility, and sobriety.

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