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Graphic Design


Zeltia Iglesias Rodríguez

Project year: 


Final Project

SSSS is an artistic-conceptual tattoo brand based on typographic experimentation and inspired by the manual making of the handpoke technique.

The aim of the project is to rethink the conventional rules of typography and language in order to take advantage of all its expressive possibilities both formally and compositionally and in relation to the meaning of words and the influence of the body as a context. It is an experimental process in which there is an approach between graphic design and artistic and conceptual creation.

SSSS consists of the development of a unique and original tattoo style, closely linked to the Galician reality at a thematic level, and supported by a simple and mechanical corporate identity, inspired by the characteristics of the handpoke technique.

The project includes a flashbook, an original typed design, business cards, a corporate identity manual, an apron and a work T-shirt. Different types of natural and organic-looking materials are combined, as well as prints with digital and manual techniques. The flashbook and business cards include a manual punch with a 03RL tattoo needle.

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