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Interior design

SPA La Molinera

Noemí Salgado

Project year: 


It is proposed as a project, given the location of the building, a SPA, or wellness center, in order to provide a service that does not exist today, although linked to the thermalism of the city.

The project takes place in a specific place, and with its own references. It has very marked characteristics such as stone walls, or the tower that once had a gabled roof, which coexist with other more current features such as concrete structure and certain enclosures where the stone masonry disappears to give way to a darkened concrete. by time.

The building itself is a mixture of different materials where different materials coexist stone, brick, concrete… new or recovered.

The land where the building is located has a sloping profile, which has a steeper slope in the upper part through which it is accessed, as a result of which the only facade in which the full volume is perceived is the north, which faces the river Barbaña .

This is a project with different uses, some public, always related to water, and others in a more reserved area. Given these premises, the first need is to clearly differentiate the outermost area, the most public, and the most private areas, from the pools, which are more closed spaces for relaxation and without direct contact with the outside.

The traffic is unfolding so that the visitor reaches the water areas, and so in the first place are relaxation areas and showers, and the option to never enter the pool, following a route that leads to the most hidden area of the SPA, with the obligation to go through water to be able to access it, always with option of hot or cold water.

It was decided to give an image on the first floor very open and open to the outside, as opposed to the lower floor much more closed and with a marked path, trying to leave the existing without changes and without noticing them, and create new volumes with visual importance gives it white concrete.

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