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Celia Rodríguez

Project year: 

For a photographer the most important thing is to work and understand his main and most valuable tool, light. The correct use of this makes different perspectives of the same scene flourish. That is, a photographer in the same room can, depending on the light and use of the camera, perceive it in many different ways. Likewise, it is also important to understand the behavior of shadows, of areas that lack light, as these can convey feelings and emotions in the same way that light does. In addition, light and shadow are two complements that undeniably coexist. For example, even if we take a light-infested photograph, shadows must exist to create depths of field and volumes.

Shadows is a project that deals with shadows and how they transform the spaces we know. And, is that by photographing shadows and exposing them so that they are more marked, we are able to generate a space completely different from the original. Every existing element in this world around us has marked boundaries, they are finite. These edges mark the beginning and the end so that, as the light falls, it generates a sunny face and another shade. Playing with that element, and as I named earlier, diverse perspectives can be generated. A clear example of this type of photography and that has been a great reference for me when carrying out this project is Ray K. Metzker.

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